Friday, April 14, 2006

2006 Best of the Fray Choice Awards

Well, the votes are in. Looks like Bob Harris edged out Open Brackets at half past the ninth hour. So Bob gets top billing, and so on and in no particular order here they are w/blurbs:

Bob Harris -- A funny, funny guy.

Open Brackets -- Smart, wise, funny. Pithy, eclectic, and quirky observations on contemporary culture, seasoned with wry humor.

A Day Away -- Astute observer, pleasant (not pleasant dumb, just pleasant nice).

Ap Stats -- Astute observer, pleasant (not pleasant dumb, just pleasant nice).

Iowa Hawk -- He's funny.

Kung Fu Monkey -- Time well wasted.

Left2Right -- Gerald Dworkin is pretty engaging.

Marginal Revolution -- Refreshingly different from the tired Dem-Repub, lib-con prattle. It's spunky, opinionated, informative and well argued.

Needlenose -- Clear and insightful analysis from a liberal perspective.

Peking Duck -- Something of a quack at times, but I like him.

Baghdad Burning -- Stunning piece of realism journalism. The first voice out of Iraq I've heard in a while that is free from fantasy or fanaticism.

The Company Bitch -- Proof that Next Blog » occasionally pays.

Manolo’s Shoe Blog -- Utterly superficial.

So that’s it for the 2006 Best of the Fray Choice Awards. Lots of blogs I never would have read, so if nothing else, I’m richer for it. Looking at other awards, I see ours wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give out trophies (badges). So here:

Winners, you may display this little blue star on your blog. You never know, it might be worth something some day. There, I’m out of steam. Until next year...

First Ballot
Second Ballot

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