Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Coup

It's hard to say who's leading the trend and who's just following it, but it seems like there's suddenly a lot of chatter about the chances of an American military coup.

It's not just that Harpers is running a cover story this month called "American Coup," or that the Sunday A.M. 'heads can't stop talking about how they're re-watching "Seven Days in May." It's not even just that half the people on talk shows for the past couple of weeks have been generals, and the other half has been civilian military experts.

No, I think it's more the fact that Bush's messianic prattlings have finally begun to turn eschatological, with the tell-tale appearance of the "nuclear option" in the Administration's planning cycle.

That, plus the fact that the President's approval rating is hovering between "swamp ass" and "herpes", makes me wonder whether news of a military coup would be received by the multitudes with more or less enthusiasm than the news that we've just nuked Iran.

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