Saturday, April 15, 2006

Concerning a Liberal Definition

I think you can define a liberal in Arizona as someone who believes it should still be a felony to shoot illegal immigrants. Moderates here believe it should be a misdemeanor and conservatives want a bounty. Compassionate conservatives think there should be a bag limit.

I put out a troll a while ago to make a point. I took a bat to the bee's nest and provoked a swarm of East Coast liberals. I apparently didn't piss-off switters. He writes from a land where a liberal is anyone who's not a Baptist. In a different post, someone suggested that the immigration issue was a Republican generated distraction. Maybe it is to liberals on the east coast. Not here. In the southwest, it outranks the War in Iraq. Someone may feel obliged to remind us of the body count in Iraq, but we have picked up more bodies than that (many women and children) off the desert floor and there are probably as many we just haven't found. These are not people blown up by terrorist bombers, they did not die from lack of armor. Only lack of water. I am so-called liberal in a land that considers it unpatriotic to set up water stations for people simply desperately seeking a better life. I'd be willing to bet that Katrina is still the hot topic and most pressing issue in Louisianna. Talk about beating a dead horse.

I was going to write about immigration. I had started and then I thought 'Ducadmo, why are you wasting your time?' This board is dominated by east coasters and supported by west coaster and these high roller coasters simply don't care about stuff like that. Why should they? It's not their problem. Modern metroliberals can only talk about what they know and their cubicle-centric contact with political reality comes from Washington-centric east coast pundits. I have no right to expect them to understand the rest of America anymore than I can expect the FOX News junkies to ... ah, well, the point is that you all look the same to me.

I miss locdog. I really do. I suppose I got this star by yanking his chain, but that fella had a brain and a mind of his own. I grew to like him and the more we tried to get to each other, the more we simply understood each other. I seldom agreed with him, but I learned to respect him. I signed onto this board thinking liberalism was the last refuge of idealism and understanding. You all have taught me something worth understanding - liberals can be just as narrow-minded, self-centered, arrogant and pedantic as anyone else. In some ways, they exceed in their arrogance and pedantics.

As the south has become the bastion of conservative backbone, the east coast has become the bastion of liberal ideology. I have learned to be wary of them equally, for both in their narcissism have abandoned interest bicameral America, purple America, breadbasket and taco America. They both have forgotten that all politics is local. But Republicans have already figured this out, in fact - they've known it all along. They are adapting even while struggling with their incompetence in management, it has not dulled their political acumen.

In response to cat, who would like Bush not only impeached, but imprisoned:

I would like to see that, too. It's just not going to happen. It's not even a consideration while Democrats have no control over anything including themselves. I take the Serenity Prayer as political - not just spiritual gospel. I only seek to do the things I can do. I can do something about immigration, I can do something about the thousands of people dying in the desert. I cannot bring back the lives of young Americans killed in Iraq. It is sumptuously ironic for people to fault a President for murder while they turn a blind eye to the lives they could save by simply engaging that same indignation. But then, Arizona and Texas are no more your concern than Iraq. I'd like to see Bush impeached. I'd also like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Get a clue. First, ask yourself how you define liberal. Then see if you can get anywhere close to half of America to agree.

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