Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Do You Have Hired Help?

I just read a hysterically funny book review over in Salon on a new book by Caitlin Flanagan, a self-professed "Stay at Home Mom" who is also a sometimes writer/contributor for the New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly magazines.

Basically, the reviewer (Joan Walsh) makes the point that if you've got a nanny for the kids (Flanagan has twin boys) and a cleaning lady, you have no business calling yourself a true Stay at Home Mom, not to mention writing a book about the experience, (breast cancer notwithstanding, because the diagnosis came after the fact.)

Personally, I would love to have hired help and not work at the same time, I'm not ranting about that. But how disingenuous is Flanagan being here? And is there actually a difference in the quality of "mothering" between a stay at home mom who employs this kind of hired help, and one who doesn't, or just can't afford to?

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