Saturday, April 15, 2006

Having growths removed from my head.

Things I learned:

1) All these years I thought it was my dentist. Apparently, I just don't respond well to local anesthetics.

2) Sticking a scalpel in the front of your head can produce excruciating pain in the back of your head.

3) It's a really bad idea to cough while there is a scalpel stuck in your head.

4) They tell me I'm a bleeder (see 3).

5) There is a nerve that runs from front to back of your head that, if cut, causes numbness from above your right eye, looping around over the top of your head, and terminating just behind your right ear (see 3).

6) It is not comforting when your surgeon says that it might improve over time.

7) But, hey, it was "free", and only required six months on the waiting list. I should be grateful.

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