Friday, April 21, 2006


Shad: Well, you know the "self-editing" rule right? If a post gets enough responses I upload it. Why shouldn't I upload a stupid post? No good reason not to when you realize: (a) most blogs--serious dedicated hardcore blogs--are stupid. In other words, don't be fooled, the blogosphere is by and large a joke, even by our standards; (b) as a "blog" we're not going to get any respect. We're just not. Blogger's, despite the fact that they're largely just a bunch of "societ[ies] of mutual adulation/coordinate disparagement" imagine themselves as higher life forms than bbsers, so unless/until I decide to hide the fact that we are just a bunch of bulletin board flunkies, there is scant chance bloggers are going to regard us as equals; (c) regarding (b), the majority of people reading blogs are bloggers; (d) the idea that we only want to attract smart people, or that smart people are only attracted to smart posts is idealistic, but not the reality; (e) so far, our best external traffic generator has been the Technorati Tags, and of those the tag that has generated the most traffic has been "bras". As a consequence, I've started devoting more effort to the tags, and I've been putting in tags that aren't necessarily popular, which means they return bestofthefray as a front page search result longer. From this perspective, the blog stops being a front page magazine for most readers; (f) other considerations, but bottom line, when I'm not "interested" in uploading "good" posts, the rule of just uploading whatever top posts that are getting many responses makes the job easy. Honestly, I don't even have to read them but for finding a few relevant tags, and I've done that quite a few times.

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