Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's ink it, LowDudgeon: on Moussaoui.

Mine First. Sorry in advance for the lack of followup response, but I look forward to reading yours, if you don't mind.

You referred to "cultural points of reference":

"Points well-taken. Put that way, I do

appreciate that my own cultural points of reference affect---and limit the value of---my assessment. Nonetheless, when the nature of martyrdom veers into the inexplicable, the culturally-idiosyncratic or even the mystical, the message or purpose of the martyrdom has corespondingly limited impact or application. I may simply have restated my viewpoint limitation, I suppose---likely many Christian martyrs did in fact confess to burning Nero's Rome. Or did they cease to be Christian martyrs qua martyrs when they did? And speaking of a possible martyr mentality, as it were, I read today that Osama Bin Laden has stated that the American assault (Gulf War One, I believe) on Baghdad was worse than the Mongol sack and wholesale slaughter of 1258. Again, this is for me a je ne sais quoi....." -- LowDudgeon
So listening to the news, my first question was: whoever could have injected this discussion with talks of martyrdom? In this paranoid world we inhabit, I can imagine a plot stranger than fiction unfolding.

Thinking further into the subject, I wonder if testifying families of Nine Eleven victims - those seeking the death penalty - truly believe in the justice being meted out or they, simply exercising the time-honored, hollywood celebrated, religiously accepted, and hate-propagating vengeance, actually seek some sort of exorcism in killing what appears to be an insane man?

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