Thursday, April 06, 2006

Something I've been watching more or less with a wary eye over the past year is my childrens' growing obsession with All are above the 14 year old age limit necessary to become a member - which is rather a moot point since 2 of my children had listed themselves as "17 year olds" on their profiles, and they're only 15. Profiles incidentally, which I make them show me every couple weeks or so, much to their loud protestations - but hey, it keeps them clean.

What is causing me to be concerned is the increasing amount of time each of them are devoting to this particular website - a website that according to todays news is growing by an amazing figure of 250,000 per day - certainly an envious number - if compared to Slate's demographics, but at any rate that is one hell of a draw they're pulling in.

I kind of find myself in a position of being the "pot calling the kettle black" because of the amount of time I spend myself posting here on slate - but I'm posting from work most of the time (not that that justifies it) and this is an altogether different kind of connection I'm making here.

Or is it?

From what I can see, MySpace is a teen hangout, cyber style. But is my concern unnecessary or am I not looking closely enough? I've read all the recent articles about it, I've logged on myself and tested it out, it seems to check out okay, at least for the purposes my kids check into it for. But its the addiction thing that is getting to me. I've always limited my kids time on the computer, but whenever they're online, it is invariably

And whenever I'm online, its invariably

Is there any difference? And why does it bother me so much?

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