Friday, April 21, 2006

Nihilism is a form of terrorism

It is best presented by Shakespere in MacBeth as "Life is a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. Tis a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Tim McVeigh, a contemporary nihilist, quoted from Invictus as he was executed stating he was the master of his fate and the captain of his soul.

The Columbine tragedy was a form of terrorism.

Two nihilists assinated Czar Alexander of Russia in 1881. I would think the same thing happened to Sadat in Egypt after he agreed to work for peace in the middle east after meeting with Carter and Begin at Camp David.

Nihilism was behind Marx, Engels, Trotsky, and Lenin in 1917.

All nihilists are joined by a yoke of ignorance and intolerence. All reject the teachings of Christ and even Hindu beliefs.

I eagerly await the upcoming mid term elections and the 2008 presidential elections as a referendum on our fight against nihilism, a corrosion upon freedom.

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"Nihilism" doesn't mean just any opinion you disapprove of.

"Nihilism" has had two principal meanings in intellectual history. The first was as a prejorative label applied to Russian intellectuals of Dostoevsky's generation who questioned the Romanov autocracy and the Orthodox church, and who believed that Russia should seek rational and scientific solutions for its problems. The idea was that any Russian who would question such absolutes as the tsar and the church as good as believed in nothing at all. The archetype of the "nihilist" in this sense was Cherneshevsky, whose 1862 What Is To Be Done? turgidly propounds rationalist remedies for Russia's backwardness. Cherneshevsky was what we today would call a materialist, a positivist, a secular humanist, and a socialist. He clearly believed in a lot of things, which trashes the implication of the "nihilist" lable that he belived in nothing.

Doestoevsky had associated with a rationalist circle in the 1840's, when he first established himself as a writer. Along with the group, he was arrested for allegedly planning to assassinate the tsar and forced to go through a mock execution, after which his sentence was changed to imprisonment, followed by several years of internal exile. In all, he was away from St. Petersburg for ten years. When he returned, "nihilism" was very much in vogue. Dostoevksy took the subject up in Crime and Punishment, written a few years after What Is To Be Done?. Raskolnikov exhibits many rationalist qualities. He is made spiritually sick by them and, through this suffering, learns in the end to accept the mysterious and acquires faith in God. Lebedev is a revolting caricature of a Chernyskevskian "nihilist," in reality nothing but an opportunist. Svidrigailov, however, is a very good portrait of a true nihilist, a man who finds no value even in life itself and therefore commits suicide. But Svidrigailov presents as an individual pathological case, not a representative of any philosophical, political or artistic movement.

The second major use of "nihilism" for a movement was by a collection of Russian intellectuals, of whom Alexander Blok was typical, who expressed a fin de siecle ennui and a longing for death. This nihilism was more artistic than philosophical or political. It was closely related to such romantic epics as Wagner's Ring cycle, and to some of the Decadent movement in England.

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Sloppy Thinking Is A Form Of Terrorism

The word "nihilism" is sometimes used to describe people who reject all moral values, but that's not a fair description of Timothy McVeigh, Marx, Engles, Trotsky, or Lenin.

All of those people acted in the name of what they considered to be higer moral values. Timothy McVeigh thought he was striking a blow against tyrrany, and the other four believed that they were working to bring about Utopia.

They were "nihilists" only in the sense that they believed that the "destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement." ( That bears about as much resemblance to the amoral form of "nihilism" as "blue, the color" bears to "blue, the emotional state".

I eagerly await the upcoming mid term elections and the 2008 presidential elections as a referendum on our fight against nihilism, a corrosion upon freedom.
If that's the case, who do you intend to vote for? The vapid, ineffectual Democrats or the corrupt, incompetent, and deceitful Republicans?

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