Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pre-boarding for Flight 93

I have a bit of a problem with this ... as a movie. A movie's job is to entertain and make money for all involved. If we're going to have our faces rubbed in it I'd rather it be documentary-style: a best attempt by credible investigators to portray the facts and a forthright acknowledgement of knowns versus unknowns.

(Ah, but dave, you simply object to the idea of Americans portrayed as heroes!)

Yes, no doubt that's part of it. But they could allay that by showing some fat ugly smelly people pounding in their baloney sandwiches in blissful ignorance of the terrorists next to them fumbling around for their exacto-knives. ("Hey sport, put that thing to some good use, give me a hand with this wrapper!")

Anyway, because Flight 93 is so recent and raw and unexplored the movie is destined, rightly or wrongly, to become the truth (for many) about the incident.

(And ... ?)

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