Friday, April 14, 2006

RE: might makes right, and we've got the might...

Pretty much the only "might" the United States has left is its bloated military. The substantial advantages it enjoyed a generation ago in education, technology, economic power and international leadership are now gone. All that "soft" power was the indispensible base to its "hard" power, which is actually a limited and fragile kind of power. The country flounders helplessly in debt, external and internal. It has neither the economic wherewithal nor the political will to even begin to change that. Its political system is rotten with corruption. Money has completely corroded political accountability. Political contributions, as every corporate executive and every lobbyist knows, are bribes under another name. American politicians must tell pleasing lies to hold their offices. The truth would anger both their corporate owners and their ignorant constituents (who are easily manipulated by means of media campaigns and "religious" leaders). At any given time half the American electorate regards the government in power as illegitimate. There is no attention being paid to any global issue, such as climate change, which very definitely affects the future of every American. This is because there is vastly more money and power to be reaped from emotional issues like "terrorism," which affect almost no Americans. If this ecoonomically decrepit, politically corrupt, and morally self-deluding nation is "mighty," then so was the Emperor Bokassa.

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