Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republicans Channel George McGovern

In 1972, George McGovern was ridiculed by those on the right when he proposed to give every American a $1000 check. Today, Republican Senators Stevens, Dominici, Grassley and Santorum proposed an amendment to a pending bill that would give every American taxpayer $100 because of rising gas prices. Republican Socialist Proposal.

Leaving aside the fact that the Republicans are cheapskates in only offering $100, how can anyone possibly take these guys seriously as the party of fiscal discipline any more? I would note that nowhere do we see where they are going to get the money, and they are too scared to pass a windfall profits tax.

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Everyone channels Lewis Carroll

If everybody gets a $100 tax rebate, nobody gets anything. Unless expenditures are correspondingly slashed. If the government maintains the same level of spending, it merely means that the rebate part of it is being financed by borrowing. When that extra debt is serviced in the future, the refund check will go right back. Most Republican cheerleaders don't seem to understand a very simple thing. Tax cuts without spending cuts are really tax postponement. It's buying government services on credit, and moreover, credit extended to us by ourselves (i.e. not even credit).

What most Democratic cheerleaders don't seem to understand is that complaining about high gas prices as well as Bush's environmental policies makes no sense whatsoever.

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