Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"A Very Special Chewbacca Haiku!" contest!*

many of you would like to deny it, but it's true. you're a geek. perhaps even a nerd or a dork. all of us here are. who else hangs out in the message boards for cyber-rags?

however, some of us are bigger geeks than others. for these select few, ordinary geeky activities are not enough. we need more. something far more diabolical; twisted and just plain crazy. lucky for us, there is the mind of august, who happened to plant the seed for this contest.

ah, but what is the contest? surely you've guessed by now: write "A Very Special Chewbacca Haiku", of course. as with any gnuly created contest, the rules are fast and lose. it need not be haiku, nor need you limit yourself to chewbacca. go forth then, explore the world of star wars with poetry, and confirm yourself as a social outcast for years to come!

i'll even start you off, with an actual "Very Special Chewbacca Haiku":

loyal wookie friend,
again, the hyperspace drive
is broken. fix it.
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Han, I want Leah,
you want Leah. But you're not
hung like a wookie. -- august

Not "Chew Tobacco!"
Chewbacca! He's the Wookie
The anti- Ewok. -- mfbenson

A young Jedi friend of Chewbacca's
Got lasered right in his naccas.
The heat made him weap
Replacements weren't cheap
So they gave him a couple of claccas. -- Schadenfreude

Ooh! Ooh! Aaa-err-aa-er-ooooo?
Mee-owww-errrg-ah-oo! -- Keifus