Wednesday, April 12, 2006

With All Due Respect

To the intellectual potential of liberals on this board and to the sincerity of your convictions:

Shut the Fuck Up.

I'm sorry, but it needed to be said. One more post about impeachment, or the latest polls, or the false premises of the War on Terror as it applies to Iraq will make me scream. Impeachment is not going to happen, most of us can read the polls for ourselves thank-you very much, and just about everyone has made up their mind on the history of the Iraq war. Your one-note mantra 'Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush' is making my teeth grate. Here's a clue - MoveOn.Org doesn't. You have done an extraordinary job of bashing the President to a pulp. Rundeep is picking the carcass as we speak. Meanwhile, you need a cathartic experience. May I suggest standing atop the NY Times in a flight jacket with a banner touting 'Mission Accomplished' for a photo-op. Get it out of your system and then move on. Don't forget to wipe.

It is getting past the time where you need to stop looking at America as us-and-them and start staring into the issues that are fast approaching. Nevermind Bush. If we can get him through another hurricane season without declaring war on the Caribbean, I think he's not going to do much more damage. But there is a mid-term election coming up and I don't hear much that indicates that you have a clue. If impeachment is your objective, you are wasting precious time and it is not going to impress much of the nation that you offer better. Frankly, it gives me the willies because that kind of message only seeks to strengthen the divide and weakens the resolve of the nation. I know you are looking for payback. Get over it. America is not going to give Congress back to you if that is all you can do with it.

Might I suggest a couple of new targets, if only to let the rest of us know that you have some idea of what you are up against, that you have a practical objective. This Pavlovian reaction to anything Bush is starting to make you look like a pack of rabid dogs. I don't see much these days about Darfur, Nigeria, the national debt, global warming, energy management or anything that suggests that liberal Americans are capable of speaking intelligently on anything beyond finding new ways to spin the foibles of George W. Bush. You are not going to drive his poll numbers much lower. He is down to his base which already distrusts him as he struggles to find a broader appeal. Unless there is something I missed, I don't think he plans on running again anyway.

So here's a start: I hereby declare today as BOTF Say Something Nice About Bush Day. Show that you can reach out to the rest of America in good faith and understanding. It will do you good and give you some practice. If you can't, then with all due respect ...

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