Wednesday, May 17, 2006

da vinci code outrage

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what bothers me about all the flack the movie is getting is not that it is a silly reaction to fiction. it's that the book didn't recieve it.

folks, the movie has the same characters and plot. actually, it was written almost as a movie (likely to make the adaptation easier).

what is the difference? why are people worried now? why should a movie, based on a bestseller, be more threatening than the book itself?

the most reasonable explaination seems to be ...more »demographics. that is, more people will see the movie than would have read the book.

i'd like there to be a better reason, because i find this one a bit sad. can anyone indulge me?


-Rightwing Christians don't read. But they watch TV and have seen the trailers. The Catholic Church still prints a list of banned books, but no one is really sure where it's printed.

-They're worried that their gullible boobs might become someone else's gullible boobs.
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