Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Guy's Scent

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What is it? It's in my hair today.

A few months ago, I went to my stylist's new salon and he was giving out boxes with Redken samples (he teaches for them and does their shows, so always has kooky ideas on what to do with hair, and I let him because I trust him).

A couple of the samples were a guy's shampoo/conditioner. I just put them under the sink, thinking I'd let a guy use it if he were ever in the neighborhood. Thus far, the product has been under my sink unused There’s More... Expand Post(puns welcome here).

This morning, I decided, for no reason other than to test the difference between a "guy" product and a "women's" product, to use the shampoo. The packet of shampoo boasted three products that I guess the company thought would lure men who were into weight lifting: "Protein, Carbs and Glycerine."

Hmmm, protein. Why can't a chick have protein? Well, because it smells vaguely like a male cologne, maybe. I want to say the scent was bergamot, or something with bergamot, but can't be sure; the ingredients only said "parfum." Helpful. I like bergamot, though; I have a favorite fragrance with bergamot that a friend describes as an "amped-up" Earl Grey tea.

Or, maybe the scent was Bay Rum, which I also happen to enjoy.

A few years ago I house-sat the whole summer for a male friend. I loved the sorts of scents he kept in his bathroom – lavender, Bay Rum, Bergamot. After bathing one night, I splashed on some of the Bay Rum and thought it a shame that such a concoction was considered the domain of guys.

Whatever the scent was comprised of, I liked it enough to consider buying a whole bottle of the shampoo. Ok, that, and the fact that the "protein" and "carbs" made my hair extra soft today.

Protein. That's what my hair's been missing.