Thursday, May 25, 2006

lemme explain about misogyny

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There are some here who frequently accuse me of misogyny and claim I've admitted same.

If I did make that claim, I want to clarify it.

By saying that I am what you might call a "situational misogynist".

Meaning that I don't react to women in a gender-specific way UNLESS ...

... they come on in a gender-specific way.

At that point I harbor great feelings of situational misogyny toward them because guess what ...

... they're hypocrites.

And you all know that nothing drives me up the wall more than hypocrisy.

Same thing with:

- gays
- Jews
- Native Americans
- etc.

to whom I have also been accused of being phobic.

If you come on to me in a gay/Jewish/NatAmer/etc. way, I am going to react in the same way as above.

NO ONE is entitled, folks, NO ONE.

your failing (here)

you are a misogynist (say).

you'd be making the same argument.

"ah, dave, but they'd be lying .. I'm not."

you're sure?