Monday, May 15, 2006

RE: Fear of Fiction

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I think that fear is the wrong word. As an aside, I actually have read the book. Further, I read the other book too (Holy Blood, Holy Grail). Dan Brown presents an tired thesis and an interesting plot motive to make it go. It is, unfortunately, a large amount of bullshit. This has been established via consensus by both the faithful and academic communities. What Christ actually taught and believed is fairly well documented and portrayed (for a complete overview, I heartily recommend Thomas Cayhills' Desire of the Everlasting Hills, see here, as a good secular starting point [the rest of the series is fabulous too]).

This, perhaps, is what gets most of the Christian goat. ...more »Many of the people who I know are planning on not seeing the film because they view it as offensive. They don't want to support an enterprise which they feel deliberately distorts their belief system. That is a fair enough proposition. Just becuase free speech says we can say what we like doesn't mean we have to support it. Boycotting and/or protesting a speech is a favorite liberal tactic.

The Christian community in America takes far more than its fair share of criticism and blows. This includes an incredible crusade by the ACLU and other far-left groups to remove all traces of Christianity from public life. It also includes public denegration and distortion (see the response to Gibson's movie a few years back). Outright taunting also comes to mind (piss Christ and elephant Dung Mary). These are far worse taunts than anything other communities have to tolerate (think the Islamic community).

With all that said, I plan on seeing the movie with my wife. If that goes well, I will probably take my kids to see it. My office is also planning a mass-outing to see the movie (most everyone in my practice group/lab read the book). That means I will probably see this movie three times. Cool. If people want to talk about the great "conspiracy," then bring it on. As I already said, academia has already relegated this particular bunk to the trash bin it belongs on.

I look forward to visiting with friends about any and all distortions portrayed in the movie. As I have yet to see it, I can't intelligently do that... yet. So, rather than boycott, I intend to discuss. But I greatly respect the boycotters. Hollywood doesn't really produce anything which I find worth forking out $10 for. If a sizeable number of people make that point, maybe we'll get some better offerings.

Re: Jesus and Mary Magdalene... their status as a couple is shrouded in mist. However, there is good evidence that it might have happened. The Gnostic gospels include evidence as do the accepted Gospels. Who precisely did the risen Lord appear to first? Who was at the crucifex?

This, of course, is hardly earth shattering. God did indeed say that it is bad for man to be alone. Why should the Son of Man, who is the prime exemplar in all other things, not provide an excellent example of how-to do the marriage thing?

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