Friday, May 05, 2006

Two dimes in my right back pocket.

Bought a cup-a-joe this morning, at Starbucks. The usual for me. I take my wallet from my left front pocket. Open it, and pay with two singles. I don't use my back pockets. Wallet, left front. Keys, smokes, change and whatever else, right front. Two dimes are my change. At my truck, I lean in and put my coffee in the cup holder. Wallet comes out and goes on the little shelf above the ashtray. Keys and cigarettes come out too, and are tossed over to the passenger side seat. Pockets empty. I didn't feel or see the dimes. I'm a bit curious. I get in my truck. This is the point at which I take the change that should be on the passenger side seat and put it in my ashtray, and just before grabbing my keys and starting up my truck. I'm being rather exact, but with minor variations I've performed this routine upwards of a thousand times over the past 5 years. But the dimes aren't there. Not hiding under my smokes, or intertwined with my keys.

Now I'll pick a dime up off the ground and put it in my pocket. But my routine is king, and it's time to get on the road and light up. The missing dimes, a receding memory.

About mid morning I use the facilities. Occasionally, and I stress occasionally, when tucking in and buttoning up I'll check my back pockets aren't bunched up. Don't want unsightly folds or creases interrupting the smooth round curves of my ass. For some reason, this mid morning is one such occasion. I insert my hand into my right rear pocket and splay my fingers. To my surprise there are two objects there. My missing two dimes.

Now I really don't ever put anything into my back pockets. Not ever. I think it's a habit I picked up from living in the city. But really, I never even make a move to put stuff in my back pockets. So how the fuck did my two dimes get in my right back pocket? And where the fuck was I when they got there? It just doesn't make any sense. Can't make heads or tails of it. Don't know.

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