Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who Shall I Marry?

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Thief

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief,

Sailor, Tailor, Millionaire...

I used to jump-rope to that song when I was a little girl, always purposely making an out on "millionaire." Little did I know way back then that I'd grow up and get married and have 4 kids and end up getting divorced and only then, after first living through all that - would I actually get an opportunity to pick and choose for real, Expand...from a list of men similar to the ones in that old schoolyard song. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is internet dating. A fascinating process.

I'm just sort of in the investigative stage right now, looking and reading different profiles that stand out for one reason or another. Of all the dating/matchmaking websites out there, I've found the offbeat ones (The Onion Personals, Salon, etc. for example) to be the ones I'm liking the most. Unlike sites like EHarmony (ugh) and Match.com, these lesser known sites seem to attract a much more diverse crowd of well educated, sophisticated, interesting men.

I learned right off the bat that I shouldn't look in the immediate vicinity of where I live, as initial searches turned up lots of truckdriver types*, lots of somebody else's cast-off husbands, and one lecherous recently divorced neighbor who happens to live only a few blocks away (double ugh).

The men who show a little class, a little taste, a little originality with their title headers and attached profiles, they're few and far between, but I'm encouraged in that there's a surprising healthy number of them.

So far, my main rule of thumb while browsing through these kinds of websites is that anyone who features a picture of themself without a shirt, or sitting in front of their computer like a deer caught in the flashbulb, gets immediately tossed.

My trash bin is looking pretty full from those kind of guys. But I can't complain, sitting here in the comfort of my home, cup of tea, looking at the vast array of all these doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs.

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