Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why don't you like Hillary?

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By most accounts, there is this massive "I don't like Hillary Clinton" crowd outside of New York State, waiting with baited breath for her to announce her Presidential ambitions so they can continue to hate Hillary in a relevant context. In New York meanwhile, HRC has managed to win over much the seriously doubtful rural part of the state, has been feted by Rupert Murdoch (of all people) as good for New York, and continues to be beloved by Manhattan liberals, even as many pine for Gore-Obama.

Me, I've heard a lot of the "I just don't like her" stuff. But I have yet to hear responsible conherent criticism There’s More... Expand Post-- you get a lot of rank gender-based comments and tabloid gossip. You also get the very weird comment, offered as criticism, that HRC is politically ambitious. One would imagine most politicans are, especially those running for President. Some people claim she is a panderer, but I've yet to see real proof of that. HRC has always been a little more conservative than her rightie critics would allow, and if she's flipped on issues more than any other pol, I doubt it.

So what is it, Hillary haters? Can you provide a real, honest to goodness criticism of her that doesn't fall back on silly sterotypes, gossipy rumours, or unsupported allegations? Is the Hate Hillary crowd a bunch of Swift Boaters, or is there actual substance and truth behind the ill-will?

Go ahead. Convince me.