Monday, June 05, 2006

This Blog is Broke

Technorati stopped indexing it. Because I was a bit ping happy, I suspect I earned the dreaded splog designation. I emailed them last week about it, but I don’t expect a response. Suffice it to say, without technorati, bestofthefray is without its best source of external traffic. Now I could recreate the blog under a new name, and having learned my lesson, avoid being confused for a splog. But no. Instead I’ll take the opportunity to leave it at that.

I want to thank all those who I featured, and suggest you start your own blogs. Some of you (I won’t say who) should. With what I’ve learned, I’ll probably start my own personal blog as well. It was fun.

As for bestofthefray, it’s something of a bridge now, so I’ll leave it just as it is. If it wasn’t broke, I’d invite someone, anyone to take a turn at running it. I did set it up with the intent of sharing, so the login and password are totally generic (i.e. I don’t have a problem giving them to a volunteer). That said, I suppose it might not matter to everyone that it’s broke, or even more unlikely, someone might like to try and fix it. If that’s you, email me at my Ender email address for the keys to this, the bestofthefray.


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